Thank you for joining us again for this Palm Sunday worship. It is hard to be apart in these difficult days, during which we have to “Say Home, Stay Healthy” for our own health and that of our family, friends, neighbors and nation.  We certainly hope that our recorded worship services are one way we remember and experience that we remain connected and in community. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page if there’s anything you enjoyed about these holy experiments or if there’s anything that would help as you worship along with us.

Blessings and peace throughout the coming week.


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Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-712386.


  1. Lisbeth Nielsen

    Thank you Pastor Dave and Worship Team for a truly beautiful Palm Sunday worship. Your continued efforts to keep us together in worship as a congregation are so appreciated. Holding you all in prayer for your continued safety. fondly, Lisbeth

  2. Thanks to each and everyone of you who helped to put on this service, it means a lot when we have to stay home. It helps to feel connected to church.

  3. Larry and Monnie Meland

    The services have been very meaningful. Last week, it was wonderful to hear the voices of Bonnie and Ben singing! Today, Jim Francis added with his singing keys on the piano. In addition to these, Thank you Pastor Dave, Colin, Kristie, Dean, Doug, Judy,Mark and Emily, and those in the background, who have and are helping with tasks unknown to us. And, the children waving Palms outdoors was a joy! Thank You!
    Your faces and voices represent our togetherness in worship!

    Monnie & Larry

  4. Thanks again to all of you for another worship service. It felt strange to be singing all be myself, yet I also felt connected in a way knowing that others were watching and participating also. (Loved seeing the children.) I can’t wait to see everyone again. Until then we remain united in Christ.