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Dear family of faith at Cross of Christ,

As we continue to pray for all who are impacted by the coronavirus both locally and globally, leadership at Cross of Christ wants to share with you what steps we are taking to lessen risks at worship and other gatherings.  As shared and implemented at our worship services Sunday, we are following these practices:

1 – Greeters will welcome you before services with a warm smile and welcoming greeting, but without a handshake, hug or other physical contact.

2 – During Passing the Peace we will offer one another the peace of the Lord, but without physical touch. Other signs might be the placing of your hand on your heart, bowing, or extending your hand outward and upward.

3 – We always practice care in the distribution of Holy Communion, but we will take extra measures including hand sanitizer for those distributing the elements.  Our form of distribution – intinction – is such that no one other than the pastor/assisting minister touches the host/wafer before you.  We will also place hand sanitizer on a stand int he aisle as you come forward to receive Holy Communion, and strongly encourage you to use it as a precautionary measure. Please use extra care to only dip the safe in the chalice.

4 – Following worship Pastor Dave and/or Pastor Judy will joyfully greet you on your way out from worship but without physical touch.  Our hearts are connected even if our hands are not.

5 – At cookie fellowship please remember to use a napkin to get your treat.  Help your children do the same. 

6 – At soup suppers, Senior Topic Luncheons, and any time meals or treats are shared, food will be served by those who are taking extra steps including frequent proper hand-washing, the use of approved food handler gloves, the use of hand sanitizer, careful cleaning of surfaces including serving dishes and utensils, and the like.  We will not be allowing “self service.”  Tables and chairs will also be wiped down with sanitizer wipes prior to any such event.

7- Everyone should wash their hands with soap and water frequently, including upon arrival at Cross of Christ.  Please also use hand sanitizer between hand-washing opportunities. 

8 – If there is any cause to do so, please excuse yourself and rewash your hands properly.  This would include after sneezing or coughing.  If you need to wipe or blow your nose, please excuse yourself before doing so, and afterwards please wash your hands properly.

9 – We strongly encourage you to follow the advice of Public Health – Seattle & King County. If you are sick, or think you might be getting sick, please stay home and if appropriate seek medical care.  If anyone in your household is sick, they and you should stay home until it is certain that person is not infected with the virus.  They also advise that you should self-quarantine for 14 days if you have traveled to countries where the virus is widespread, or to local places with high occurrences.  For us that certainly includes having contact with Life Care Center in Kirkland. 

We also want to clearly express that each member needs to feel free to make decisions appropriate for themselves, within the above guidelines.  If you are uncomfortable following these practices, you should feel at liberty to stay home during this time.  If you wish, Pastor Dave, Congregational President Colin Walker or another Council Member would be more than willing to speak with you in person or on the phone about your concerns.  If you are feeling vulnerable, unsure, or uncomfortable, you should not feel any guilt in making decisions that are best for you, including not attending worship and/or other activities during this time. 

While we will follow these practices, stay informed, monitor the situation, and do all we can to reduce risks, we will also continue to pray for God’s guidance and care, trusting ultimately in the Lord.

Peace be with you and with all.

Pastor Dave Thomas, Pastor Judy Brennan, and the Cross of Christ Council
Colin Walker – President
Viggo Bertelsen – Vice President
Carrol Harris – Secretary
Gorman Colling – Business Manager
Lugano Isinika, Doug Lieberg, Bob Shelley, Henry Stoll, Don Westby – Members-at-large

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