We’re so glad you’re here!

Here are a few answers to questions you might have:

  • The general attire in our services usually averages out at about “business casual,” with jeans and t-shirts on one end of the spectrum and blazers and dresses at the other.
  • You’re welcome to sit wherever; we don’t have pews with people’s names on them!  The upstairs balcony is available for seating as well, should you prefer the bird’s eye view of things.

  • We don’t currently offer nursery care, however, children are welcome in and encouraged to attend all parts of our worship service.  Crayons, paper, and small quiet toys are available in the stand to the left of the door as you enter the sanctuary. We also encourage families with young children to visit our “Prayground” area in the back corner of the sanctuary, where we have a table and small toys for kids who might need a bit more room to “stretch out.”   Children’s faith formation classes are offered between services during the school year for ages 4-10.
  • Communion is offered to all without restriction.  Children are encouraged to be around age 8, or have attended First Communion preparation class, but the final decision is left up to parents, as they know their children best.  Communion is generally offered via intinction–dipping the wafer into the cup of wine–and offered in a continuous line, although some seasons of the church year it’s offered while kneeling at the rail.
  • Services are generally right around 60 minutes long; some Festival Sundays (Easter, Reformation) might be a bit longer.
  • Our basic order is based on worship patterns from Hebrew traditions and biblical accounts of the earliest Christians: We GATHER with songs and prayer, we HEAR God’s word, we SHARE a meal of bread and wine, we are SENT into the world to love and serve.
  • Currently all information needed in the service is printed in the bulletin handed to you as you enter the sanctuary.
  • Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we hold one service each Sunday at 10am.
  • During the rest of the year, we hold two services: one at 9:00am and one at 11:00am, EXCEPT for the 5th Sunday of a month (in 2019, September 29 and December 29; in 2020, March 29th, May 31st, August 30th, and November 29th), on which we have one service at 10am.
  • Our earlier service is our “traditional Lutheran” service, meaning a liturgy (structure for worship which contains specific parts), hymns on organ and piano, scripture readings, and a short sermon.
  • Our later service is our Mosaic service, which is a blend of styles.  It generally consists of music from our worship band and piano, scripture readings, a short sermon, and “Experiencing the Word,” a chance to engage with the scripture in a variety of styles.
  • You’re welcome to arrive early or stay late and enjoy our labyrinth, garden, and meditative trail walk to the left of the front doors.


We look forward to meeting you soon!