Tanzania Mission Team Donation request, Cross of Christ Lutheran, Bellevue WA. 2016.
Maybe you’re not on the Tanzania team, but you’re wondering how you can help in a tangible way?

The Tanzania Mission Team is getting ready to pack their suitcases for the trip, but a few critical items are missing!  They’re hoping to hit the limits of everyone’s checked baggage allowance by packing items needed at the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School where many team members will be working.

Specific Items Needed

(printable list here)

Jewelry making supplies (can be found at Joann or Michaels, often with coupons!):

  • Stainless steel or sterling silver earring hooks
  • barrel clasps for necklaces and bracelets
  • O-rings, (these can be found at JoAnne Fabric, Michaels with coupons)

School supplies (new items only, please):

  • Pencils
  • Pink erasers
  • Rulers
  • Black pens
  • Mathematical compasses (Target, Staples, or Office Depot, Amazon 12 for $7)
  • Protractors (Target, Dollar Tree, Staples, Amazon 20 for $9)

Other important items:

  • Battery -operated smoke alarms for dormitories (Target, Home Depot, Costco, Amazon 5-pack for $76)
  • Stethoscopes

Monetary donations are always accepted.  You can make a check to Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Tanzania Mission. If you have questions call Mary Mehlum – 425-281-1967. Thank you for your help.


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