From Pastor Dave:

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church will hold a single worship service at 11 am tomorrow, Sunday, February 10.
 Roads around Cross of Christ are very good (156th Ave, 8th Ave) or pretty good (6th Ave., most neighborhood streets).
drop-off zone in front of the church main entry has been cleared today.  Please use this zone for your passengers.  Cones and parking lot attendants will guide you to the drop-off zone.
Other than the drop-off zone, be aware that most of the church parking lot is not shoveled.  Areas with less snow will be reserved for cars, while we will encourage those with all-wheel and four-wheel drive to park in the snowier spots.
Some members live farther away, and some who are closer live in areas with steep hills that do not get plowed. Please be safe and make your decision to attend tomorrow or not based on your local conditions.  Very cold temperature tonight will mean ice will form in some areas.  Please take no risks. 
If you do come tomorrow, you are strongly encouraged to enter off of 6th Avenue and not 156th Avenue to avoid the steep driveway.
All other activities have been cancelled, including Adult Faith Formation and Children’s Sunday School.  All renters have cancelled for Saturday and Sunday. Congregations for the Homeless Shelter is open, and has been extended to 24-hours for today and tomorrow.  They are most appreciative.
Thank you for your understanding.  Again, please use caution in deciding if driving in from your location is safe.  If so, I’ll see you tomorrow at 11 am.
Peace (and warmth!) be with you all!
Pastor Dave Thomas
Lead Pastor/Head of Staff
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
(Still beautiful) Bellevue, Washington

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