So you want to use the projector!  Read on for tips, as well as a list of what this cart is equipped with for your projection needs.

  • Our projector is a BenQ TH670.
  • Please do not cut the ties that fasten the cords to the projector cart. All cords are completely usable and movable within the perimeter of the cart; they should not need to be removed to a different area.  Not only is it costly to replace cables that go missing, but lost cables hinder others’ ability to use the projector.
  • Please do not remove the remote from the protective holder.
  • Please make sure the cart is returned to the office area upstairs when you have finished using it. If the office area is locked, please return it to the library.
  • The projector cart is equipped with the following items.  Cables are labeled with their type.  You won’t need everything on this list, so if you don’t know what something is, then you probably don’t need it.  You are responsible for providing any cables or adapters not on this list. Please note that some Macintosh computers may require a cable or adapter not listed here.
  • Projector remote control
  • Surge protector with built-in USB plugs for charging or powering peripheral devices
  • Chromecast wireless projection device
  • VGA video cable
  • USB to microUSB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • MicroUSB to HDMI video cable
  • HDMI to DisplayPort adapter


The Chromecast provides most WiFi-capable devices the ability to connect to the projector wirelessly.  For more information on using the Chromecast, visit or talk to Kristie (