Welcome to ICYMI Worship!  ICYMI stands for In Case You Missed It; our ICYMI series gives a brief snapshot of worship each week so that you can worship in your home, on the road, or wherever life takes you.

At Cross of Christ, our basic worship order is based on worship patterns from Hebrew traditions and biblical accounts of the earliest Christians: We GATHER with songs and prayer, We HEAR God’s word, We SHARE a meal of bread and wine, We are SENT into the world to love and serve. Let us know how this format works for you.


Easter initiates a new day. It anticipates a new heaven and a new earth. The risen Lord is making all things new. In the mystery of holy baptism God has made new people of us. Today the Lord Jesus invites us to see everyone in a new light—through the lens of love.


“All Creatures, Worship God Most High!”


O Lord God, you teach us that without love, our actions gain nothing. Pour into our hearts your most excellent gift of love, that, made alive by your Spirit, we may know goodness andpeace, through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


1 Peter 1:13-16, 22   


John 13:31-35   After washing the disciples’ feet, predicting his betrayal, and then revealing his betrayer, Jesus speaks of his glorification on the cross. This deep complicated love of Jesus, even to death on the cross, will be the distinctive mark of Jesus’ community.


Guest Sermon by Music Director Ben Fowler: “I heard…”



“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”


Trusting God’s promise of new life, we pray for the renewal of the church, the world, and all of creation.  Each petition ends “Lord, in your mercy,” to which the congregational response is “Hear our prayer.”

Send your Holy Spirit upon your church. Awaken in us a renewed commitment to our baptismal calling: to build community, to worship together, to love one another, to share our faith, to serve others, and to work for justice and peace. Lord, in your mercy…

Hear our prayer.

Grant wisdom to your people.  Give pastors and lay leaders both vision and passion as they guide congregations to communicate your message of love in new ways to new neighbors.  Enlighten the conveners and delegates of the Northwest Washington Synod as they gather this morning in Annual Assembly, electing a new Bishop.  We pray for the one who you will call through this Assembly to this position of ministry and leadership, as we give you thanks for the six years of service of retiring Bishop Kirby Unti. Lord, in your mercy…

Hear our prayer.

Bless all who carry out the ministry of hospitality in our midst: greeters, ushers, those who make coffee and bake cookies, all who welcome visitors and guests, those who act generously toward children and families in worship, advocates for inclusion, and the ones who open themselves up each Sunday to welcome all. Lord, in your mercy…

Hear our prayer.

Inspire the leaders of nations to strive for peace and prosperity for all people. Empower legislators to craft laws reflecting your commandments to love and serve. Guide judges and justices to rule impartially in ways that promote liberty and justice for all. Bless military personnel, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and first responders who put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. Lord, in your mercy…

Hear our prayer.

Comfort the sick, the sad, and the seekers of hope in difficult times. Bless all who have ever felt unwanted. Restore faith to the despairing and hope to the suffering, especially those with special needs who have asked for our public prayers: Nancy and Kenny Anderson and family; Anna Bero; former member John Boyd; Ellie Dennison; Linda Ernst; Phyllis Hahn; Audrey Harris; Ruth Huehnerhoff; Eileen Johnson; Priscilla Kanestrom; Jeanne Lawson; Kay Marsh; Marlys Paulson; and Marilyn Van Brero. Lord, in your mercy…

Hear our prayer.

We commend these and all our prayers to you, O God. Come near to us with your saving help, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord.




SUMMER SCHEDULE BEGINS TODAY – a week earlier than usual. Normally our summer schedule runs from the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in May to the Sunday of Labor Day weekend in September. The slightly earlier start is due to Synod Assembly.  We’ll continue gathering for a single Sunday service at 10 am through the summer months, with the last Sunday being September 1.  

SYNOD ASSEMBLY & BISHOP ELECTION CONTINUES THIS MORNING – Delegates to the Assembly of the Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA, which began Friday afternoon, gather again this morning in Lynnwood.  There is always a lot of important shared ministry to discuss, and at this Assembly that includes the calling by election of a new Bishop from a slate of nine candidates nominated by members of congregations of the Synod. Our voting delegates are Pastor Dave, Pastor Judy, Jerry Johnson and Kristie Walker.  You can find out more about the Assembly, the nominees, and the election process, and even follow the Assembly as it takes place, at the Synod website www.lutheransnw.org.  Please be in prayer for this important gathering of our greater church.

YOUNG CHILDREN AND FAMILIES ARE INVITED TO THE “PRAY-GROUND” This special space in the Sanctuary is designed for our youngest worshippers and their families. Children age 8 and under are welcome to color, play games, enjoy age-appropriate books, and just have their own space in the back of the transept – the southeast corner of the Sanctuary. We LOVE having children in worship! We hope this special place helps make them and their families feel both welcome and comfortable.

BOTH ADULT FAITH FORMATION & CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL ARE ON BREAK – Adult Faith Formation is on “Spring Break” and will resume the study of the book of Acts on June 16.  Children’s Sunday School takes the Summer off and returns September 8.

TOWN HALL INFO, ANNUAL REPORTS, & CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – Copies of the slides shown at the Town Hall on Sunday, May 5, are available at the Information Desk in the Narthex.  Alternatively, a link to the slides can be found on the Cross of Christ website – crossofchristbellevue.org.  Annual Reports will be available next Sunday, one week prior to the Annual Congregational Meeting and Luncheon, June 2. Please plan to attend this important meeting, with the election of new Church Council members, an update from Vision Task Teams, and more information about the Roof Truss Repair Project (see below).

ROOF TRUSS REPAIR UPDATE – We have received all the permits necessary to begin the roof truss repairs – finally! The work is slated to take place between July 15 and September 15. These dates are approximate at this time.  We don’t yet know if the work will necessitate not using the Sanctuary and/or Fellowship Hall for part of the time.  Contingency plans are being made and will be shared with the congregation if and when alternative worship options are necessary.  In the meanwhile, we look forward to the work being completed, the trusses repaired, enhanced and fully secured, and the yellow posts removed at last!  Information will be shared with you throughout the process.  Thank you for your patience and support

LARKS MOVIE NIGHT TUESDAY – All are welcome to enjoy a night at the movies.  We’ll view “A Thousand Girls Like Me,” is the powerful story of Khatera, a 23-year-old Afghan woman who defied cultural norms and spoke out about being the victim of sexual abuse by her father. The film was selected to be a part of this year’s Seattle International Film Festival. The showing is at 6:30 pm at Lincoln Square Theater. There is an option to meet for dinner before – a signup sheet is at the Information Desk in the Narthex.

TIME TO TEE IT UP GOLFERS – Join the Cross of Christ golfing group on Thursdays at Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course. All are welcome – pros to duffers! Schedules and contact info are at the Information Desk in the Narthex.

SAVE THE DATE – TANZANIA 2020 SAFARI-THEMED DINNER AND FUNDRAISER – Overlooking beautiful Lake Sammamish, the back yard of the home of the Matt and Andrea Pohle family – Cross of Christ and Tanzania 2020 members – will be magically transformed into a luxury safari camp with outdoor dining on the evening of July 13 for our “Taste of Tanzania” dinner and fundraiser. This fun, colorful, and tasty event will help support our education, church, and medical partners among the Masai and others in northern Tanzania.  Cross of Christ is planning its fourth mission journey to the region in July, 2020, with about 18 traveling team members and the entire congregation and friends as support team.  All proceeds from “Taste of Tanzania” will go to partners and special projects, which you’ll learn more about at the event. Please save the date and look for more details to come soon about how to make your reservations and/or financial gift.  Asante Sana – Thank you very much!

PRAYERS CHAIN BECOMES PRAYER NET – As part of her Caring Ministries leadership, Pastor Judy is in the midst of making a few changes to the Prayer Chain.  The first change is the name – it will now be called the “Prayer Net” – think ‘network’ that connects people or a ‘net’ that catches or holds things. The Prayer Net will be an e-mail list for requests for public prayers. For example, if someone is having hip replacement surgery and they ask to be in the public prayers on Sunday, this will also be communicated by email to the Prayer Net.  Folks who had been on the old Prayer Chain e-mail will be moved over onto the Prayer Net (unless you’d like to come off, in which case just let Pastor Judy know).  If you’d like to be added to the Prayer Net e-mails, just inform Pastor Judy. However, we know that there may be situations when people would like to be prayed for, but are not ready to be in the public prayers of the congregation and that’s okay. When you communicate your desire for prayers, Pastor Dave or Pastor Judy will make sure to clarify if you’d like your concerns to be for the wider Cross of Christ community or to have these concerns kept private.  We want you to know that we respect your wishes and will keep these prayers confidential.  If you have any questions about this change, please contact Pastor Judy.  Thank you!

PARKING LOT HOSPITALITY – As a reminder, we have three parking spots reserved for “Courtesy and Visitor Parking.” These are intended for those who might need them most – like those with temporary mobility limitations, families with young children, and expectant mothers. Please help “Welcome All’ by not parking in these spaces if you are able to walk a few steps farther. Also, please remember that all spaces marked as reserved for handicapped can only be used by those with authorized handicap license plates or rear-view mirror placards. These spaces are occasionally monitored by Bellevue Special Parking Enforcement. Thanks for practicing parking lot hospitality!

NAME TAGS ARE SIGNS OF WELCOME – You’re encouraged to wear your Cross of Christ name tag to worship each Sunday. This simple act helps people get to know one another, is welcoming for guests, and is greatly appreciated by the pastor (who, try as he might, occasionally temporarily forgets names!). If you have misplaced your name tag, Office Administrator Judy Giseburt would happily make you a new one. Contact Judy in the office at 425-746-7300 or at office@cofclc.net.

PRAYERS FOR HOMEBOUND MEMBERS – Ed and Phyllis Hahn, Doris Lundquist, Ruth Huehnerhoff, Bill and Betty McConnell, Mary Moen, Marlys Paulson, Jane Pittenger, Norman Stromer, and Marilyn Van Brero.


“In Christ There is No East or West”

By God’s grace, through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we are called to

Worship God

Grow in Faith

Share the Gospel

Serve others, and

Welcome all.

Thanks be to God!


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