What are Worship Notes?

mailboxesWorship Notes are logs of your participation in a church service.  It doesn’t even have to be OUR church!  The form asks about different parts of the service and encourages you to reflect on what you saw, heard, and felt.  YD participants are required to submit 16 Worship Notes (that’s fewer than two per month!) per year.   HOWEVER… If you serve during worship–as a lector (lesson reader), usher, acolyte, or Communion assistant–simply write your name at the top of a Worship Notes form, write below how you served, and turn that in; no further notes are needed!  In addition, your service in church gains you one Service Hour.  ALSO, if you attend another church/house of worship, simply save the worship bulletin (or similar dated proof) from that church and turn that in with your name at the top.  It’s best to turn Worship Notes in as soon as you complete them so they don’t get lost; just drop them into Kristie’s or Pastor Dave’s box in the church office.  Need a form?  Print one here: Worship Notes (PDF).


What are Service Hours?

Service Hours are the time you spend serving the church.  They can be done in a variety of ways, including serving in a worship role (lector, usher, acolyte, or Communion assistant), assisting with Sunday School, participating in a YD service project, or participating in another service project at the church.  Each student is required to complete 10 service hours between September and May.  Please see Kristie or Pastor Dave if you think completing these will pose a challenge.  Need a form?  Print one here: Service Hours Log.