Pastor’s Blog from December 2015

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Monday Musings: Recreation

Monday Musings are coming to you this week on Wednesday, thanks to the blessing of having a few days off after a busy and beautiful Christmas worship week! During my break, my family and I are doing some things in Seattle and surrounds. This afternoon we’re heading to Tacoma with friends to see the Glass […]

Monday Musings: Julekake


As Christmas is nearing, I’m being blessed with some of the nicest, sweetest gifts from some of the nicest, sweetest folks.  Yesterday, after worship, I had left for me in my office a wonderful, wide array of presents including a Starbucks gift card, a very nice bottle of Riesling from our “house” winery Chateau Ste. Michelle, […]

Monday Musings: Memory


  A friend gave me an early Christmas gift, and I’m not sure what to make of it.  It’s a DVD of a program designed to “help prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness” for folks who are “aging”. First of all, let me say I really like the gift-giver, a very sweet and thoughtful […]

Monday Musings: Outages


Interesting morning.  At both my home in the beautiful Fairwood area of Renton and here at church, we lost power due to really impressive overnight storms, and both home and work were dark through early afternoon.  But here in Bellevue, we – Cross of Christ, that is – appear to have been at least part […]