Pastor’s Blog from November 2015

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Monday Musings: Journeys


I sent my son David back to Iowa and college yesterday, after an all-too-short Thanksgiving break with us. He flew from Seattle to Denver, then Denver to Omaha, then jumped in his 2000 Honda CRV to test out that all-wheel-drive as a huge snowstorm was moving his direction.  He made it, just ahead of the […]

Monday Musings: New Pages


For years I’ve used what’s called the “Lutheran Pastor’s Desk Diary.” It’s a calendar and planning book offered to Lutheran clergy folk by Thrivent Financial, the big Lutheran insurance and financial planning organization.  My new one came in a couple of weeks ago. It says several things about me that I LOVE my desk diary.  […]

Monday Musings: Fog


We all know what the expression “in a fog means,” right?  It can mean you’re feeling confused, or dazed, or that you are distracted or not paying attention.  In general, to be “in a fog” means to be lost in some sense or another.  And that’s probably a bad thing. Having only moved to the […]

Monday Musings: God Time


Having lived most of my adult life in places that don’t observe daylight savings time (Arizona, Africa) I’m not used to this time-shifting magic we just experienced.  Let me see if I have this straight. So we all agree that twice a year we’ll go through the hassle of changing all our clocks and watches […]